Creating Interaction in a Personal Way – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to: Joe Frazier and his team.

Every celebrity has fans who would like to meet them and shake their hands, have a photo with them, just spend a few moments with their “hero.” Unfortunately there are too many multi-million dollar athletes who can’t sign a child’s autograph.

In response to that Smart Marketing Group arranged a unique opportunity for the fans of Smokin’ Joe Frazier to schmooze with him for 2 hours. In a program, they plan to replicate in other markets, a limited number of Smoke’s fans were invited to meet him at Moe’s Hot Dog Stand, a great little luncheonette in Philadelphia and one of Joe’s favorite spots. The pictures below show their reaction and click here to view a video of the event and get a sense of the fan’s appreciation (and Joe’s).

Meeting the world famous sports figure was great, but this was only the beginning. Once introduced to him, we were treated by Smokin’ Joe to a surprisingly down-to-earth, genuine attention. He answered our questions, told us stories, posed for unlimited photos, kidded with us, and signed innumerable autographs. We weren’t just meeting a sports icon, we were having fun doing it!

Frazier is one of those people I immediately sensed to be a very
special person. He was not only a class act in the ring ,but a larger
class act outside the ring. His son, Marvis, is a wonderful example of the type Father he is. It’s unfortunate in our society we give glory to athletes who are horrible examples to their fans by their conduct. Athletes like Joe, should be honored for not only their athletic ability,but above all for their character.


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