Enhancing Your Brand with a Celebrity – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Geico.

They’ve had a lot of good ads in the past, even one that they attempted to turn into a TV show, the cavemen. But this time they went a different direction, rather than going with a mascot like their gecko, they had a TV commercial that featured a country music star.

I don’t listen to country, so I don’t really know many or any of the stars. While I was doing laundry at the Laundromat, they had on the Country Music Awards and right before the opening segment Geico had this 30 second commercial run.


I thought that’s funny, someone who plays the fiddle, that got my attention. Then as the CMA’s started, the same guy came out and jammed out a song. I’m not sure if this part was planned, but he was wearing the same thing in the commercial as he was at the awards. Immediately, my mind went back to the Geico commercial. So Kudos Geico! You did a nice job integrating your commercial into a very large event with a very large audience and it stuck to someone who wasn’t even a fan!

Lesson Learned: Celebrities can really enhance your company or brand’s stickiness. Although Geico definitely has money to invest, think about your local celebrities on the radio or on TV. Approach them with an idea of how you want them to represent your company/brand and see your brand recognition soar!


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