Branding Your Business with Employees – Smart Marketing Move

Everyone wants to know the weather, even if they can see it right outside of their window. They want to know what’s to come, and what damage has happened from the force of past wind or rain. So what channel do you watch for the weather? Is one really better than the other? Meteorologists are all looking at the same clouds, and mostly predicting the same outcome of weather. But there is one NBC station, located in Philadelphia, which recently started thinking differently about their weather guy.

Their weather man, Glen Schwartz, always wears bow ties. Since Ican remember he’s worn these ties. It’s his thing. Before it was just something quirky he did and something everyone laughed about to themselves while watching the weather; now they’re taking advantage of it. This is the perfect example of thinking differently, and out of the box. They’re using this bow tied character to create loyalty to their weather than any other broadcaster’s with one simple phrase, “Trust the Bow Tie” and a simple photo of the tie in their advertising.

The bow tie has been staring NBC 10’s marketing team in the face for years, and it’s about time they use it the way they should! Maybe this only dawned on them after Glen Schwartz was named the 79th Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) in the country, in Oct 2005. He is one of the first broadcast meteorologists in Philadelphia to earn this prestigious recognition. Whatever the case, NBC10’s marketing team in Philadelphia gets the “Smart Marketing Move” Award.

Lesson Learned: You might be ignoring your best asset for your marketing efforts.


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