Consumer Interaction with Ready Made Mag – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Ready Made Magazine.

They are a great example of consumer interaction. Ready Made is a niche magazine directed towards do-it-yourselfers. Their readership makes things, whether it is refurbishing a chair or learning to sew a button. Ready Made is not only heavily involved in social media but they also get their readers submitting project ideas.


The best part about this, they will publish your ideas, give you credit with your  name and photo in the magazine in a section called “Maker of the Month.” Who wouldn’t want their name in the bright lights? This not only builds loyalty from the one reader, but they will also tell their friends and family that they made it into the magazine. It gets everyone talking which is a great way to spread their brand through word of mouth. And it doesn’t cost anything!

They also have a section on their website called “I made this” another little way to unite readers with their brand and another great way to show off your fun little projects. You can post a photo of what you made, put a little description and other users can comment but only if they have a user name. This also gives them a rich database of their target market. Way to go Ready Made!

Lesson Learned: Fan, Readers, and Customer interaction is key to building your brand through word of mouth. Ask yourself, how can I get my customers to comment on a project, interact with other customers, and share feedback all while giving them a little way to show off to the world? A blog might be a good place to start the conversation. Also, don’t forget to start a way to gather emails from your most loyal customers. Take it from Ready Made, it works.


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