Apple; Knowing What Makes Consumers Happy and How They Benefit – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s smart marketing move goes to Apple!

Curiosity and anticipation can be an effective ingredients of a marketing strategy, no one knew this better than Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. His ability to utilize these characteristic were as well known as the apple logo; it’s an icon of the 21st century and an emblem that we worship. What made CEO Steve Jobs and Apple so popular and in demand?

Jobs, used the most simple marketing tools around; supply and demand, plus high quality which lead to a dedicated following of consumers. Apple is known for hyping its products up before their release thus ensuring the high demand for the newest product. The best aspect for developing such an attentive and rapt audience is that the products not only deliver high quality, but the wait and anticipation was building publicity in itself. With the iPhone 5 in the works for their new release, the internet is going crazy comparing it to its predecessors.

Apple also knows how to keep its customers interested because of the staggered releases of products. The competition tends to release around or after Apple’s release, but Apple’s overwhelming following makes for bigger openings.

Lesson Learned: One of the secrets of a good business, is to identify and fill a need, which Jobs was one of the best to understand this principle. You have to constantly challenge your thinking to answer the question, is your business and the product or service you offer something for which there is a demand or you have to work to create a demand. One of the key ways to achieve this is to understand the need to communicate the WIIFM factor, What’s In It For Me?, in your dealings with your target audience. Think about a way to tell your customers that your products are what they want and need. Bring new products in, package products together to make it more viable to your customer base. If you don’t tell them, they will never know.


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