Responsibility Campaign Gains Ground – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Liberty Mutual.

In an ever increasing environment of disrespect, lack of civility, and self-centered attitudes it is not only refreshing to see the Liberty Mutual Insurance’s campaign built around responsibility, but highly motivating.

Responsibility is not easily defined, but Liberty Mutual expressed it very well visually in an impressive manner in their commercials. They then followed it up through efforts throughout their company even down to the grass roots where the idea touched a nerve in thousands as seen by the response the company received, unsolicited, from the public. They continue to encourage positive action by all of us. Their management not only deserves kudos, they get our: “Smart Marketing Move” Award because they proved how being smart and caring pays off.

Here’s one commercial for Liberty Mutual:

Lesson Learned: Your core values as a company and a person can be reflected in your marketing. It can span from TV, radio, print, and grassroots marketing. This can turn into word of mouth marketing which is one of the most powerful sources for any company. But be careful, make sure everyone in your company is on the same page, an employee’s bad attitude will make your campaign feel dishonest to customers and bad word of mouth is even worse.


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