Customer Research and Database – Dumb Marketing Move

This week’s dumb marketing move goes to Staples. They do a lot of good marketing but I think this one just isn’t that good.

They are constantly sending me savings coupons, which is a great thing right? Not really! I shop in-store and every single coupon is for online shopping.
Here’s what they sent me:

Hmmmmm….someone isn’t doing their homework. Most of my shopping from Staples is in the Copy and Print Center, so I have to go in and I CAN NOT use anything they send me. Thanks a lot Staples.

Lesson Learned: If you’re centering a campaign on your online sales, make sure your customers buy online. If you want to entice them to buy, make sure you state “for first time buyers” and don’t overkill the mailings, you’re just wasting your time! That also means you need to keep your database updated.


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