Rinse and Clean Your Mailing Lists – Dumb Marketing Move

This weeks Dumb Marketing Move goes to Exhibitor Magazine, but in reality reflects a growing problem in companies who use direct mail.

Recently, I received not one but two of the same magazine from them. At first, I thought they might have had two different names on it, maybe one for me and one for another employee. NOPE! They were both to me, to the same address but had slightly different company names.

This is a quality publication full of valuable information, but in these tough economic times they do a disservice to themselves and their advertisers. Why? A mailing list that is not cleaned up on a regular basis wastes money and reduces the quality of the audience advertisers are paying to reach. With employee turnover at an all time high and companies consolidating it is more important than ever to be sure one’s mailing list is clean. Not to do so is a …Dumb Marketing Move … and for that reason Exhibitor Magazine has been nominated to this “award.”

Lesson Learned: Although list clean up is a messy job, but it saves money, time, and it assures your message is getting to the right person and is being heard. Time to get cleaning!


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