Differentiate Your Business From Your Competition – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Southwest!

Last week Spirit got the Dumb Marketing Move Award and Southwest is getting their Smart Marketing Move Award because they are playing off of Spirit’s weaknesses and the changes they are implementing. This is a clear campaign of differentiation marketing.

Southwest has commercials that are boldly stating that they will never charge their customers for carry on bags or any checked bags. One commercial uses plan old facts, the other humor! They are personalizing their commercials, which is what everyone wants. Consumers don’t want corporate America, they want to know why should they use your airline, and what is it doing for me? Even if they do charge for bags on the ticket price, they are not nickel and diming you like the other airlines. Smart Move SouthWest.

Here are some of their recent commercials

Lesson Learned: Differentiating your company can be a powerful tool. Compare your company with other local and/or national companies. What are you doing better? What are you proud of? Once you’ve figured that out, tell EVERYONE.


“Outthink the Competition Rather Than Outspend Them”

Author: Leslie Wolff, CEO of Smart Marketing Group, speaks from experience as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing executive plus advisor and coach. Les has “walked the walk and talked the talk.” The knowledge that he imparts with passion has been learned in the toughest of schools, “Real Life!”, in the trenches, on top of the mountain and everywhere in between.


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