Moving Marketing Can be the Best Marketing – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Forss Painting.

I’ve talked about branding with colors before, but on a large scale with the Breast Cancer Awareness Company. So how can a small company “claim” a color? Forss Painting has done it in a very smart way.

A few years ago, on my commute to work, I would always see the same painting van…or so I thought. One day I saw two of those painting vans parked while they were getting breakfast, and then I realized Forss Painting made all of their painting vans -sky blue. They didn’t keep it the plain white like most work vans, they bumped it up a notch and now I see their vans everywhere.

What are the benefits? It’s better than an ad. It’s a constant branding and when I’m ready to hire a painter, who am I going to think of first? Forss Painting. Honestly, I don’t know any other painting company in that area. Why would I call anyone else?

Lesson Learned: Colors are memorable, stimulate all the senses and makes a positive image impact to your customers or potential customers. How can you stand out with a color? Don’t just make your business cards and website a specific color, think of a way that you can really get people’s attention with your store front, with your car, or even your packaging. Branding is a passive way of advertising, but it works. Plain and simple.


“Outthink the Competition Rather Than Outspend Them”

Author: Leslie Wolff, CEO of Smart Marketing Group, speaks from experience as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing executive plus advisor and coach. Les has “walked the walk and talked the talk.” The knowledge that he imparts with passion has been learned in the toughest of schools, “Real Life!”, in the trenches, on top of the mountain and everywhere in between.


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