Even With Christmas Gone, What Holiday Appeal Can You Use – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Chevy Trucks.

Holiday commercials have a similar look about them; nowhere is this truer than car commercials. It takes a bit of imagination and some humor to stand out but Chevy has managed to stay ahead of the crowd with its creative and funny commercials. Most people are quite familiar with Santa Claus, the jolly fat man who grants us wishes if we’ve been good all year and has reindeer to pull his sleigh!

Two really well envisioned commercials airing on TV have a salesman resembling Santa selling cars to people. The first commercial has a man who’s a hunter talking to the salesman, and when asked what he hunts, he answers “deer” before quickly changing it to “fish” after he gets a look at the man. The second commercial is a man hearing the listed features of a car and the salesman asks him what else he would want and to take a seat. In his excitement, the man almost sits on the salesman’s lap, before he is quickly redirected to the seat across from him.

We do wonder if GM or any of their dealers took this a bit further by creating an in store display of a Sleigh attached to a vehicle with perhaps some cardboard antlers atop the roof. Or did they offer a “Gift Wrap” service with purchase in which a giant bow could have been attached to the vehicle bought if desired or perhaps dressing up the dealers with “Official Santa Helper” badges.

These are very strong ads because they appeal to multiple levels of audiences for a variety of reasons:

1. A big man, with white hair and a white beard is closely associate with Santa

2. We all get that Christmas excitement when we get start to talk about the things we want

3. The childhood nostalgia we feel

4. Laughter from a human instinct like sitting on Santa’s lap or trying to not anger Santa by telling him you hunt deer (reindeer)

Lesson Learned: Holiday ads can be clever or atrocious, what’s important is to appeal to the people and traditions, as Chevy has done  but look deeper for ways to make the most out of your short time of viewing. The idea is to look at how you can integrate into a marketing program, PR & Promotion aspects to increase and enhance the impact of the ad campaign.



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