Branding Can Happen Anywhere, Benefits can be Immediate – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to a radio station, 102.9 in Philadelphia.

They used a sponsored sign to their advantage! The Atlantic City Expressway has multiple signs on the roads that a business can sponsor. Most of them are beautification signs for flowers that are paid for by a car dealership, Kerbeck. I think it’s a good idea for a car dealer to do this, but then I saw a sign going into Philadelphia that was sponsored by 102.9 FM.

It was a moment where I wondered why I hadn’t seen another radio station doing this. Yes, there are billboards, but I’m sure this is much more affordable version of a billboard. I have to say, a radio station is probably the best business to sponsor something on the road. Why?

1.      It’s immediate! A driver can immediately find out what this sign is all about by tuning in right then and there.

2.      They hit a large audience! This sign is in a highly visible section of the road and every weekday it gets majorly backed up. So there are multiple people who need something to look at and then listen to while they’re sitting in traffic.

Lesson Learned: Although many signs are used as branding, think about what your business can benefit from immediately. Are you a plumber? Maybe there’s a sign in a public restroom that you can advertise on. Are you an interior designer? Maybe you can sponsor an event at an art gallery.


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