Marketing by Capitalizing on Special and Unique Opportunities – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Lou DiBella at DiBella Entertainment. On Saint Patrick’s Day this year, there will be at least one Irishman on every score card for the fights promoted by DiBella Entertainment in Madison Square Garden, New York.

Everyone knows that Irishmen like to drink… and fight. This myriad of fights culminates in the action packed finale of Middleweight Champion of the World Sergio Martinez vs. Irish Contender Matthew Macklin. The opportunity does not come by very often to put several top athletes together from a single nationality. Also, renowned Irish-American artist Jace McTier will be ringside sketching and capturing the history of champions.

Because the fights are on St. Patrick’s Day, this draws not only a large nationality group, but it also monetizes a popular holiday by focusing on the Irish heritage of boxers. What better way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day than to head to a fight. (Remember I said go to a fight, not start one, be safe out there.) The location is also a big factor; New York in Madison Square Garden is the perfect venue for a Saint Patrick’s Day fight, second only to Dublin Ireland of course.

Lessons learned: This move involves many aspects to marketing a business, take note.

1– What holiday could you attach an event to that you’re already planning? The fighting event held on Saint Patrick’s Day is a special and unique opportunity. Be open and aware of who your business can reach.

2– What type of location are you in? Madison Square Garden is obviously well known; sometimes you have to go to people rather than them coming to your store front. What events is your town holding that you can be a part of?

3– Art! Art is evocative and DiBella Entertainment is reviving the magic of the Muhammad Ali and Leroy Neiman combination by bringing sports artist Jace McTier in to the fights to capture the history of champions. Combining art with a sport not only allows history to come alive, but also gives an edge to the sport that can create a wider fan base. This is not something that you can do every day with your business, but watch out for any special opportunities that your business can capitalize on (e.g. If you own a sports restaurant, order the fights and promote the holiday).

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