Everyone Collects Something, Some Like Matchboxes – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to A Little Taste of Cuba.

It’s a smoke shop, mainly featuring fine cigars plus other tobacco products. Normally, I wouldn’t go to one, but a friend needed just a pack of cigarettes, so we went in.

I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic out of a smoke shop, because it’s a smoke shop. But this one lived up to its name because they created an experience when you walk in, through Cuban art, music and furnishings that transported you from New Hope, PA to some nook in Cuba. Although that’s not the reason why they’re getting a smart move.

We were in this store just for a moment while my friend bought what he needed. With his purchase, even though it was under $10, they gave him a pack of matches. But it wasn’t just “Here’s a pack of matches”, it was wooden matches in a box that had A Little Taste of Cuba’s logo on it and on the back were their two locations.

With all of the options of where to get a pack of cigarettes, they’re doing it right. You can’t expect a customer to walk in the first time and want to come back immediately, or even remember where they were. Since New Hope is a weekend destination spot, it’s smart that they are reminding customers with a nice box of matches. I know that I like to keep matchboxes as reminders of place I’ve been, and this is just another way that the shop did a great job of staying relevant.

So far, my friend still has these matches, and what does that mean? Every time he looks at them, he is reminded of when he stopped in and the next time he is in town, he’ll remember that there’s a smoke shop that he can stop at rather than a convenience store.

Lesson Learned: There are subtle ways to be in your customer’s face like a box of matches with a purchase or even something as simple as a business card in their bag. The hardest thing is to find new customers, so if someone makes a purchase or uses a service you offer, make sure they remember you and come back for more!


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