The Power of (the Right) Words

What’s in a name?

Who are you?

What do you do?

What do you stand for?

We express ourselves in many ways, through our actions, through conversation, but the way in which we express ourselves through written word often has the most significance, especially when we are trying to communicate in ways to grow our businesses.

What I am often surprised about is how little thought we put into basic communications that are used to introduce oneself to prospects or people who can help us network. What do I mean?

You probably have a slew of business cards you have collected, take a look at them and see if by looking at the name of the business, you know what they do? Also, check to see if they have any copy on them that would encourage you to do business with them.

Recently I attended a business expo put on by a local Chamber of Commerce; there were 100 or more booths and I noticed two interesting (and disturbing) factors. Several of the companies had names and banners which were: initials, just the company name, or some aberration of the English language, but it did not give a clue as to what business they were in. Similarly, seven out of 10 business cards reflect the same lack of thinking (commonsense).

Then there were those who listed the products or services (features) they sold without any attention to the benefits they offered. In my near five decades of experience working within the marketing arena, I have learned people are seeking out the “WIIFM” factor about what you offer … “What is in it for me.”

We are working in an increasingly tough and competitive environment that makes it imperative that you make it easy for prospects to identify you. Having a strong name, needs to tie into what you offer, is vital. It is important to define what you offer making it easy for those you seek as customers to understand what you do and stand for; the right tagline is the key to this.

Simply stated, words are meant to entice, stimulate, motivate and activate your target audience in order to reach customers and take the actions you desire. This requires a well-thought out written and verbal strategy. In this hectic, reactive oriented atmosphere your communication needs to be succinct, short, and to the point without losing their attention. The right choice of words can have a major impact whether it’s your:

Business Name  |  Business Tagline  | Domain Name  |  Event  | Names/Tagline  |  Product Name  |  Slogan  | Advertising Headline Copy  |    Direct Response Teaser Copy  |  Billboard Copy |  … And so much more

5 Tips for finding and communicating the right words
(We practice what we preach)

1. Does your name reflect your area of expertise?
Ex: Our name is the Smart Marketing Group
2. Describe in 5 words or less what you do.
Ex: Help clients outthink their competition
3. List problems your product or service solve or alleviate.
Ex: Competing against larger or better financed firms
4. What benefits does your product or service offer the buyer?
Ex: Change clients from a reactive stance to a proactive one
5. What are 3 strengths you feel you have?
Ex: Open to change; Think Big; Think outside the box

“A powerful agent is the right word. Whenever we come upon one
of those intensely right words in a book or a newspaper the resulting effect
is physical as well as spiritual and electrically prompt.” – Mark Twain
Yellow Pages – Let your fingers do the walking
GE- We bring good things to life
Wheaties – The breakfast of champions
UPS – See what Brown can do for you
Orthopedic Specialty Group, P.C. …Exceptional People – Exceptional Care
The Privileged Circle Company – Collectibles for the few … Desired by many

Les Wolff’s mission is to reestablish a lost factor in business … common sense! It is the foundation on which Smart Thinking is built. Les is CEO of The Smart Marketing Group, a proactive marketing Visionary & Strategy Think Tank. He is an active writer and lecturer on all aspects of the sales and marketing spectrum ( He can be reached at 866-334-5004,, Skype: Smart Marketing or at

His E-Book “Smart Thinking- Vol. I” is available @


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