Six Ideas to Gain and Retain Customers

Consider the following

  • Targeted direct mail is even more effective today considering the onslaught of e-mails facing them each day. Create a response you can measure such as a coupon or a “gift” as an incentive to take an action you desire.
  • Generate publicity about your business from special events that benefit a charity via specific purchases made in a certain time period.
  • Develop a formalized referral program that rewards customers for sending business your way.
  • Create some form of customer interaction activity on the internet at your website.
  • Run contests or sweepstakes with some special reward if winners are already customers
  • The cost of losing a customer is very expensive. Successful firms are built on a foundation of repeat business and referrals. The great mystery of business is that everyone knows this, but few have planned an approach to strengthening customer relationships, which will grow your business.

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