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Thoughts for a Leader – Part II

Smart Thinking … A Different Perspective

By Leslie R. Wolff, A Marketing Curmudgeon

Customer’s Focus

In order to get people to sit-up and take notice of you, you have to sit-up and take notice of what makes people sit-up and take notice” –Frank Roemer

What is the customer or prospect most interested in? Themselves! Understanding this is the basis of the WIIFM Factor, which impacts heavily on purchasing decisions. It stands for the question – “What’s in it for me?” A simple question, but how it is answered can dramatically affect the bottom line. Too often it’s ignored or overlooked in a corporate environment that focuses on features of their products or services rather than the benefits. Viewing your business from the customer’s perspective will always give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

If you give something worth paying for, they’ll pay.” – Thomas J. Peters

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Thoughts for a Leader – Part 1

Smart Thinking … A Different Perspective

By Leslie R. Wolff, A Marketing Curmudgeon

Leadership is action, not position – Donald H. McGannon


“I praise loudly; I blame softly.”Catherine II

A true leader knows that in order to move forward all the members of their team needs to feel they count, that their effort is not only recognized, but also appreciated. Research has shown praise given sincerely is far more successful motivator of people than cash or material rewards. A combination of both can be a ‘home run.”

We all are imbued with the love of praise.”– Cicero

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How Communications Technology Hurt Your Business Relationships

By Leslie R. Wolff, A Marketing Curmudgeon

A Different Perspective

No this is not an anti technology diatribe, rather it is an effort to have you think about how you use it and whether what you do truly benefits you and your company.

Relationships are based on mutual respect and mutual interest that can provide over a period of time mutual benefits. Do you have that in mind or do you simply use technology as a way to “drown” your client in your communications to the point they turn a “deaf” ear and “blind” eye to your message(s)? If you have no interest in building relationships, do
your employer a favor and go to work for the competition.

A key aspect of building relationships is showing respect you have for your customer or prospect’s time. Technology has given us the capability to do more, but “more” is neither always better nor effective or cost efficient. Continue reading


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When it comes to Marketing should the CEO? be coached or not coached?

That is the question.

A Different Perspective
By Leslie R. Wolff, A Marketing Curmudgeon

The Scenario: You have had a successful career in Executive Management, now you’re in charge of the whole
shebang. Everything is now under your rule. You came from a stellar career in Finance, Engineering, IT, Production or variety of other experiences but the one where your exposure is limited is in the marketing arena. Yes, you’ve had some exposure both within the company, through cross-pollination of discussions with others, perhaps even from other industries and you have faith that you have a good marketing team in place. Or at least you hope so, but how do you know? In order to set the right direction who can you turn to with confidence that will give unvarnished advice,
stimulate your creative and strategic neurons and most importantly challenge you to think. Now you find yourself overseeing Marketing as an important aspect of your responsibilities and even though you ask around you can’t even get a consensus as to what marketing truly means. Continue reading


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Open Book Management…Creates a Winning Work Environment

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Phil Condit

Do you know what your company’s most important asset is? Your Employees!

Open-book and participative management is one where everyone from the janitor to the CEO is focused on helping his or her business grow and make money. In an open book company, employees are taught to understand why they will be called upon (and want to) to solve problems, cut costs, reduce defects and much more. They get too see the financials (thus “open book”) of the company. They learn about revenue, expenses and profits. Their participation makes their company more successful and profitable thus they share in the rewards.

It’s been said. . “The only person who loves change is a wet baby.”

Communication is the Key

A lesson I learned the hard way as a company owner and manager is that people are afraid of change, no matter how beneficial it will be for them. Most of us seem to have a self-destructive streak that resists any thought of change thus causing our “listening” capabilities to shut down or become difficult to receive any new ideas.

Open Book Management is an opportunity for marketing skills to shine in an internal program.   Continue reading

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