Earn $50-$500

For every one of your referrals,
you put $50* to $500**
in your pocket! How?

Refer Your Friends and Family

Simply tell your friends about our business advisory time blocks* or services** and ask them to call 215-334-3432 to ask for a FREE ESTIMATE. Make sure they let us know you referred them and, once the job contract is signed, we’ll send you the $50-$500. It’s that simple!

Here’s a sample of our Business Advisory Time Blocks
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This is a non-retainer way to tap into an experience “bank” with hundreds of years of expertise when you need:
• A Fresh Perspective
• Smart Business thinking
• Help Searching for a Big Idea
• A Non-Judgmental Sounding Board
• An Advisor to Turn to When the Pressure is On

Consider this if …

  • You seek a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace
  • You want loyalty from customers, employees …even vendors
  • Customer retention key to your growth
  • You desire a level of customer service few can match without spending a fortune

Our format encourages interaction and questions.

Topics can encompass anything that may be important to you. There are no “dumb” questions. Nor any limits on what might be discussed. Our purpose is simple, help you work smarter! Here are a few of the areas that may be encompassed.

  1. Advertising – All aspects ranging from forms to creative approaches
  2. Client Recruitment – How to gain and retain them
  3. Conceptual Development – Creativity based on commonsense principles
  4. Lead Generation – Increasing quantity and quality
  5. Merchandising – Combining imagination and user friendliness
  6. Marketing Strategy– Creating a Marketing Mosaic
  7. Employee Motivation – Maximizing your most important asset
  8. PR/Publicity – Developing credibility
  9. Promotion – Generating measurable movement
  10. Trade Shows – Enhancing traffic & results
  11. Internet – Understanding how best to utilize it.
  12. New Business Development – Garnering increased market share
  13. Training – Reaping the rewards of preparedness

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2 responses to “Earn $50-$500

  1. Jason Reschka

    I would love the opportunity to become a part of the team. I have the marketing and promotional skills to help the company thrive. If you are looking for an actual employee and not just a small recruiter, please contact me.

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