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3 Important Thing to Remember for Broadcast Advertising

When you’re using radio and television (cable) there are 3 things to keep in mind. First when you’re using an address for a store or service location, make it easy for your customers.  What I mean is your postal address is not always practical for people driving or around the house.  They will miss the address a vast majority of the time.  But, if you use “ Main between 2nd and Pine” then most people in your community will know where that is located.

Second is using too many products in a single ad. Keep the message to no more than 3 products in a: 60 ad and 2 products in a :30 ad.  This allows ample time for description of features and a buying cue for them to take action. And keep the products consistent from one media to the other. Do not use different products based on the media.  It will only confuse the listener.

Finally, Jingles while not used today as much as in years past have their place.  Especially with newer businesses. A short easy to understand jingle builds name recognition for your audience.  They should be used in 40-70% of your ads depending on their purpose. Generic filler ads, sale messages and special event promotions are the best place for them in my opinion.

Rick Polson – Author “Making a Superstar Company



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When your marketing funds are limited what do you do?

Listen to A Different Perspective From Voices of Experience
By Leslie Wolff

Show Love & Respect

“Every person is a jewel, worthy of love and respect.” – Anonymous

A proud part of my career was when I was the business and personal manager of one of the world’s most famous athletes – Smokin Joe Frazier, the former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion in his later years. I was constantly amazed at the love and respect he received from his fans and it didn’t take long for me to understand why … because, he showed his love and respect for them. How many companies do you know show love and respect to their customers, employees, vendors, hell even their competition. It costs nothing to do so and the rewards are constant and significant. What should you do, the opportunities are limitless. One way is expressed ‘Thank You” whenever the opportunity arises. In a world of a never ending flow of e-mails, a simple hand written note will raise you high above your competition. Treat your employees well and they will treat your customers well. Let vendors know you recognize their efforts on your behalf and they will redouble or multiply the way in which they will seek to help you grow your business. Even competitors will have good things to say about you when you treat them with respect as well. Going back to the impact of e-mail where in the past a good or bad experience led to it be “told” to perhaps 10 other people, in today’s high tech communication channels it could be told to thousands, thus you want that ‘tale” to express how well you treat those with whom you interact.

Don’t be afraid of Change

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” – Charles Kettering

The fear of change is a natural human response to something that seems new and opening your mind to be more accepting to change or the consideration of it releases you from the binds of conformity allowing you to examine and explore possibilities that exist around you. Some of these may offer the opportunity to maximize your potential revenue while minimizing expense. Look at the various facets of your business from new business development, advertising, promotion customer service with a fresh perspective and encourage customers, employees and even vendors to contribute ideas that can enhance your operation and in doing so impact positively your bottom line.

Big Ideas Start Small

”Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” — Demosthenes

Just because you have limited funds does not mean you can’t take carefully controlled actions to improve results. If you believe you have identified a need that has gone unrecognized or is underserved look at how you can develop it in a way where you give it all you can. Think big, but remember everything starts out small. Never prejudge an idea because at first it looks too small, unimportant or unrealistic nor if your initial view is its too big. Look how you can break it down
into reasonable modules, set priorities and take each segment on in a way it will make the other segments easier to handle as you accomplish each step.

Motivate to Stimulate

“Recognition is the greatest motivator.” – Gerard C. Eakedale

Surprisingly, although material rewards are appreciated they are not as effective in motivating people and stimulating them to perform to more of there potential than praise and recognition. Praise of one’s contributions to the success of the business is the most desired reward of all. Publicizing that praise to the right audiences makes it even more valued to
the recipient. Something a simple as a press release to a local paper, a framed ‘Certificate of Appreciation” or a simple letter to be shared with family and friends recognizing one’s contributions carries with a major positive impact not only on that person but those with whom they interact.

Originate Don’t Imitate

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville

There is a tendency in all businesses to mimic each other and that can be a benefit for a smart marketer. Take a close look at what your competition is doing where there is a tendency to replicate, duplicate or imitate. In identify those traits you will almost always find overlooked and untapped opportunities that will enable you to outsmart rather then outspend the competition. It may be a single large opportunity or a series of small things like we discussed above where the cumulative effect of the actions you take can significantly impact the results you gain.

“The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do.” ~ Thomas Edison

Leslie R. Wolff is an experienced and outspoken Marketing professional; with more than a half century in the marketing arena His mission in his business, speeches and writings is to reestablish a lost factor in business … commonsense! It is the foundation on which Smart Thinking is built. Les is CEO of The Smart Marketing Group, who simply help clients work smarter. He can be reached at 215-334-3432, marketingsmartly@aol.com, Skype: Smart Marketing or http://www.smartmarketingroup.com. Listen to his radio show, “Smart Marketing for Small Business” and participate in his LinkedIn Group of the same name.

His E-Book” Smart Thinking- Vol.-I” is available @ www.smashwords.com/books/view/34172

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Get A P.I.M.P. Working for You

By Leslie R. Wolff, A Marketing & Creative Tactician

Caught your attention didn’t I? That’s the premise in putting a P.I.M.P. (Proprietary Integrated Marketing Platform (or Program) to work for the benefit of your business.

If one is willing to make the effort they can create an approach to their marketing effort that doesn’t focus only on imitating, duplicating or replicating what others do. Surprisingly it’s not that difficult.

“You’ve gotta be original, because if you’re like someone else, what do they need you for.” – Bernadette Peters

So why is it so rare? One aspect is attitude, if one is afraid of leading the way, due to a totally risk averse outlook as it relates to their job function, it will never occur, perhaps until their replacement is hired Continue reading

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Cutting Through The Cluttered Communications Landscape, 1 of 2

By: Leslie R. Wolff – A Marketing Curmudgeon

In today’s world we are being “attacked” by onslaught of communication messages daily by the hundreds, if not thousands. E-mail abound, the Internet has unleashed an information overload that is physically, as well as time needed, insane and impossible to absorb.

It used to be just advertising that look to grab our attention as these comments from The Financial Times reflected on a number of years ago.

“As consumers are bombarded with ever rising numbers of advertisements, companies are finding it harder and harder to be heard because of the clutter of competing messages.” Continue reading

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5 Steps On How To Outthink Your Competition

©  2012 Leslie R. Wolff

Are you a

Mimic…Mimic…Mimic…Mimic Marketer?

Do you  imitate, duplicate,  replicate rather then Originate?

Recently I placed this question on a corporate planning group on LinkedIn.com – “Why is it so many executives can’t think “outside the box?” The responses were many and fascinating as were the stated reasons, but the general sense still was … they don’t.


Why do you think it is so many marketers can’t differentiate themselves from their competition? Is it because they… Continue reading


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Why is Marketing Important for Your Small Business?

In a down economy there are more small businesses operated by one person or more that open up due to a  job loss, or a can’t miss opportunity. So what does that mean? It means that there are more businesses out there that don’t know all the ins and outs of marketing. But first, why is marketing important?

A lot of businesses, to use the cliche term, think “build it and they will come…” and to be successful in your business you must get past this debilitating thought process. First, whether you sell a product or service make sure your business solves consumer’s problems in one way or another.  The problems can be like what to do on vacation, or where is a convenient place to shop for groceries. Whatever your product or service is, make sure you determine what problem your business solves.

Next, you watch the dollars roll in right? Maybe, but it’s not that easy. Even if you’re making money, you need to keep marketing because you have competitors and it’s a tough economy out there. Think about Tide, Dunkin Donuts and Wells Fargo. They’re all marketing, why? Marketing breathes life into your business.

Like those brands I just listed, marketing your company name and product creates a recognition factor. If your customer needs what you’re selling, with the right marketing they will think of you first and that’s your golden ticket. The thing with marketing is that it isn’t a quick fix. You need to be patient and consistent.

Marketing does require a budget. Even if it is small, you need to start somewhere otherwise your success is limited. “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” -Robert Collier. Overall, you need to be as committed to marketing your business as you were developing it. Without marketing, you won’t grow but you might learn some valuable business lessons on what not to do.

Marketing Action Step: List the problems your business solves for the consumer. Once you develop a solid list, it could be only 2 or 3 things, you need to tell EVERYONE.

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Responsibility Campaign Gains Ground – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Liberty Mutual.

In an ever increasing environment of disrespect, lack of civility, and self-centered attitudes it is not only refreshing to see the Liberty Mutual Insurance’s campaign built around responsibility, but highly motivating.

Responsibility is not easily defined, but Liberty Mutual expressed it very well visually in an impressive manner in their commercials. They then followed it up through efforts throughout their company even down to the grass roots where the idea touched a nerve in thousands as seen by the response the company received, unsolicited, from the public. They continue to encourage positive action by all of us. Their management not only deserves kudos, they get our: “Smart Marketing Move” Award because they proved how being smart and caring pays off.

Here’s one commercial for Liberty Mutual:

Lesson Learned: Your core values as a company and a person can be reflected in your marketing. It can span from TV, radio, print, and grassroots marketing. This can turn into word of mouth marketing which is one of the most powerful sources for any company. But be careful, make sure everyone in your company is on the same page, an employee’s bad attitude will make your campaign feel dishonest to customers and bad word of mouth is even worse.

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Make Them Keep Your Ads – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Campbell’s!

Everyone knows they make soup, soup is soup right? In one of their advertisements they included a recipe. Along with a picture of the final product and the product that makes the recipe, Creamy Chicken Soup.

This is a great way to move more products that might not sell as much. Most people know to use cream of mushroom in recipes but might not think of Cream of Chicken.

So nice work Campbell’s, you’ve taken your advertisement to the next level! This is now something that your customers will KEEP.


Lesson Learned: Think of a way to get your customers to KEEP your advertisement, even if it is just for a little bit. It could be a coupon that expires in 2-3 months, it could tips on your business topic, and like Campbell’s it could be a recipe.

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