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Customer Service Costs the Customer – Dumb Marketing Move

Comcast Cable TV – Customer ServiceI recently received one of those automated calls saying that I was behind in my payment. As it was, I had been traveling and had just mailed payment to them that morning. I decided to call and try to talk to someone in the billing/customer service department to advise them of this.That is when I got a recording saying that if I wanted to talk to a “customer assistance” person rather than deal online it would cost me $4.95. My first thought was this was incredulous or perhaps it was a trick by Direct TV to recruit me as a customer. But no, it was a Comcast rule, so I went to the web and found that their online customer support system doesn’t work well with those of us who use a MAC. 20 minutes later I finally found a way to send them an e-mail explaining this situation and expressing my dismay with their version of being “User Friendly.” Follow up calls , when I could reach a human contact said I had misunderstood the message.

Thus I eagerly nominate Comcast for the honor of the Dumbest Marketing Move of the week, month, year, decade or century…take your choice.


“Outthink the Competition Rather Than Outspend Them”

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