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Good Business Card Example – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Menz’s Restaurant!

They won this award because they made a smart move with their business card. It’s not the plain ol’ card with just their name, logo, and contact info. Yes, it’s on there, but they also included more information, which is great for a person just learning of their restaurant.

First off, they are located in a town outside of a vacation town in southern NJ. So, they’re off the beaten path for tourists but they get a lot of business and their card helps! Below is their business card:

How does their business card help with business? They’ve maximized their space by making it a folding card, just that move doubled their space. They’ve even used the back, which is space that is usually wasted on most cards. All of which influences customers.

They have also included what they specialize in. Unlike the business card dumb marketing move, to view it click here, they have told everyone that they are a restaurant and bar but have also included that they serve seafood, steaks, and poultry. Now you know what type of restaurant it is and that there is something for everyone!

Finally, which I have rarely seen, they included a map and directions! What a genius idea, not all vacationers have internet to look up directions when their on vacation. Since they are offshore from vacation homes and hotels, they have included 5 of the closest tourist towns. Overall, I think Menz Restaurant and Bar made all the right moves with their business card. Take notes! Here’s a Bad Business Card Design.

Lesson Learned: Maximize the space on your business card to tell others about your company. It doesn’t have to be a folded card, but don’t forget about the back of your business card. Also, tell people who you are, what you do, and how your business can help them.


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