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7 Tips To Better Trade Show Marketing

Smart Thinking … A Different Perspective

By Leslie R. Wolff

Integrated Marketing Strategist & Creative Tactitian

Trade shows are an extremely effective marketing tool, when you take the time to think out all the aspects of what makes for a successful trade show. There are many elements to consider and you best make a checklist to be sure you don’t overlook any thing.

I. Pre-Show Planning Checklist:

___ Is this the best trade show for our objectives & the cost?
___ Exhibit (are you creating a new one or using an existing one)
___ Booth size (have adequate space for showing, talking & closing)
___ Booth location ( look to be where there is heavy traffic, near entrances/exits/restrooms/food areas)
___ Booth transportation (be sure it gets delivered in time)
___ Booth set-up (whose responsibility, set time schedule) Continue reading


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