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Not Being User Friendly will be YOUR Business’s Pure Death – Dumb Marketing Move

This Dumb Marketing Move award goes to Pure Death Productions. 

So, you’re a hard rock band. That means you need everything “hard-core”. You need black clothing, skulls, and a scary name; but that doesn’t mean it needs a font that I can’t read. Just so you know, I’m not picking on them because its death metal…this is just bad.

Pictured below is a flier that I picked up while at a bar, because I thought it was so horrible.

They did quite a few things that you shouldn’t do in a promotion piece 1) they used a black and white theme, which is fine, but the design could have been much better; 2) the day and time are typed in black text with a white outline in a black box. If they made the box white, that would have been much better and it would have really stood out and 3) they also used text for the bands names that I can’t even read. This is the production company; they should realize if you’re promoting something, you want people to be able to read it!

Lesson Learned: Always remember it is important to be “User Friendly” in every way possible with your customer or prospect and it’s the most important in your visual communication. Just because you think something is cool and goes with the style you’re trying to portray – you need to look at promotion pieces with a new set of eyes. Even if your budget isn’t big, be critical, because if you’re not, it’s going to look unprofessional and it won’t be as effective as you had hoped. Use white space in your designs – it is your friend. And don’t be afraid to do something different that your competition is doing. If they’re using traditional colours, go opposite of them and be bold.


“Outthink the Competition Rather Than Outspend Them”

Author: Leslie Wolff, CEO of Smart Marketing Group, speaks from experience as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing executive plus advisor and coach. Les has “walked the walk and talked the talk.” The knowledge that he imparts with passion has been learned in the toughest of schools, “Real Life!”, in the trenches, on top of the mountain and everywhere in between.

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