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Smart Marketing Move: Wegman’s

Supermarkets are in a very competitive environment. Overall, I think that Wegman’s is a great grocery store. They have their own less expensive brand, like a lot of stores have. But they have more.They have a cafe section where you can eat lunch and use their wi-fi. Some stores are catching on to that also. And like most grocery stores, they have a reward card program, but they did something a little different, and it caught my attention.

I just signed up for their reward program this past week since I now live near a Wegmans. It was a very easy process and when I was all set up, the customer service rep handed me my new reward card and a welcome packet. She explained that there were coupons in it, along with the magazine they publish. So, I’m going to save money right off the bat because I signed up for their rewards program but I also get coupons…..and then a magazine which normally costs $4.

I thought that a welcome packet was really nice introduction to their store. I started looking through the magazine and they just do it right, from a marketers perspective. It’s named “Menu” and it features a ton of recipes with their products and other products that they carry. From one pot meals to soups and salads, from easy to hard recipes.

Looking at it from a customer’s eyes, it is a great way to get ideas and encourage purchase of brands they carry that are featured in the recipes. From a marketer’s perspective, I see that this is a great way to increase customer loyalty. Additionally, there are advertisements in this magazine, which can generate revenue from non-competitive entities or is an effective way to utilize co-op ad funds to reduce or eliminate production costs, Smart, very smart.

So, as a small business what can you learn from this and how can you apply it to your business even if it is on a small scale?

1 – You don’t have to publish a full-fledged magazine, what about creating a tri-fold brochure or some form of handout that delivers information that educates or benefits the recipient in some way. In particular if it highlights a specific part of your business? This can be done for a service or a product based business.

2 – Try to think differently and outside of the box like Wegman’s did by creating a promotional vehicle, where people would want to advertise or align themselves with you and what you’ve created?

Need some help brainstorming? Smart Marketing Group and its advisors are available to help you long term or on a short term basis. The latter is available in a truly unique and effective  “marketing as needed” basis through their  “Advisory Time –Block” program (www.smartmarketinggroup.com/timeblocks.htm, or call 215-334-3432 for a no-obligation introduction on how we can help you today!

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Think BIG for Business Success

Do you want business success? Don’t limit your thinking. Little Ideas = Little Potential and BIG Ideas = BIG Success

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Make a Spook-taular Impression With Skilled Storytellers – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Ghost Tour of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia has many tours for tourists, and locals, to enjoy. There are multiple ghost tours too, but we decided to take this one.

We got our tickets and moved to the Signers Garden, where we had to wait for the tour guide. Our tour guide was right on time, but he made a grand entrance. Dressed in a black cloak and carrying a candle-lit lantern, he went into the middle of the garden and didn’t say a word. This really set the scene for a walking ghost tour. I’ve seen other ghost tours walking around and the guides just wear glow in the dark sticks. That doesn’t scream “good tour” to me.

At the very beginning of the tour, we were told by the luminous tour guide, ”The stories I will be telling you are from many interviews, extensive research and various books. We pride ourselves on being storytellers, not paranormal investigators. And, that’s just what I’ll be doing here tonight, telling you stories…ghost stories.”  Unlike the Dumb Marketing Move from the Mural Arts Tour (click here to read) this tour guide knew the facts and stories by heart, the real ghost stories. He didn’t ask if there were any questions, but personally, I don’t think it was necessary.

Our tour guide was entertaining and kept everyone’s attention. The stories he told were enough to make   skeptics enjoy the tour. At the end of the tour, I said thank you to the tour guide and learned that he was an actor and that all of the tour guides with Ghost Tour of Philadelphia go through a training process. Smart!

Lesson Learned: A key element of marketing is customer service, it is also one of the easiest things to improve at the least cost. Employees need to be trained to think customer service all the time, when they do they will shine through and your company will more than likely receive a bad review either online or through word of mouth. Remember, your employees are an integral part of your marketing; proper training can make or break you. How can your employees improve? Who needs training? A smart company has a two way conduit for its employees to share ideas that will improve the customer experience. In doing so, you will dramatically enhance one of the most powerful marketing tools in existence today, Word of Mouth Approval and Recommendation and once you tap into that, your company can maintain a steady income as well as happy returning customers.

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