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Coupons Combined With Considerate Customer Services Adds Customers – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Wild Garden Accents!

A friend and I were driving past a garden center; it looked more like decorations and we weren’t in a rush, so we stopped. This place was packed with goodies to make a garden unique to you. Wild Garden Accents had many employees that greeted us and asked if we needed help. The customer service was spot on, but that’s not the main reason they are getting this Smart Marketing Move.


We made our way around the entire store, the display outside is where we found something we were considering. We came inside and were approached by yet another employee. She asked if we received the 20% off coupon. We hadn’t; so she gave us one to use only for that day. That sealed the deal. We got the item, which wasn’t a high ticket purchase, but we might not have bought it otherwise.


Lesson Learned: This was very smart of the employee, I’m sure she saw us taking our time looking around. Maybe we had a specific person in mind for a gift, or something for ourselves. Either way, we might not have made a purchase without that the extra nudge. This sale was already happening, so why not make sure that all of your customers receive a little perk?


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Changing Your Image Can Revive Old Loyalties – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to V8 Juice.

V8 has always been one of my family’s products, and in the past they have created some memorable ads and here they’ve done it again.

Their recent commercial caused me to laugh out loud for a number of reasons:

1.   Jackie Chan, a well-known actor because of his martial arts skills, was used for this commercial and they incorporated it in the commercial in a funny and in your face way.

2.  It had very little dialogue, but used an action oriented approach to make a strong point.

3.  It had a clear and concise message that the juices and smoothies people were drinking did not compare to the health benefits of V8.

The commercial is short and utilizes a relatively familiar environment — someone eating breakfast or walking down the street to make the V8 pop and stand out, because of the brightness of the V8 bottles and with the use of martial arts movements.

This is a great way to grab the audience’s attention in a cluttered communications landscape as well as send two messages; a push for healthier living and a push for a better product.

Lesson Learned: When marketing a product one has to look at what’s being done by others and “think-outside-the-box” in order to not only stand out and be remembered. The promotion possibilities here are unlimited and hopefully they company took advantage of that scenario.

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Getting a Deal on New Shoes Brings You Back for More – Smart Marketing Move

This Smart Marketing Move goes to Famous Footwear.

In my search for new sneakers, I noticed that Famous Footwear was having an end of year sale.  I went in and found shoes that I needed for running. This was right after the holiday rush and before New Year’s, so they were entering a slower time of year for sales.

After I paid for everything, the sales associate handed me a something that said “Famous 5 Bucks” with my receipt. As he was handing it to me, he explained that I can get another pair of shoes but for $5 off after the New Year. I was pretty excited because I just got a fantastic deal on this pair of shoes, now I have a chance to save more at a later date.

What did they do here? They gave me a reason to come back in, with an expiration date. They are building trust and loyalty, plus it just made me happier. Honestly, I don’t think I ever bought from Famous Footwear before this purchase; so I had no idea about these “Famous Bucks”.

Here’s what part of the back says: “Customers receive $5 in Famous Bucks for every $50 spent.” Then there are directions on how to use them, but the back reveals that this is an ongoing campaign for them. I thought it was just because we were entering a shopping slump in the retail industry, but it wasn’t. They continue this throughout the year, bringing people back into the store and helping them save a few bucks.

Lesson Learned: Once you complete a transaction – online or brick and mortar store, what are you doing to keep the customers you already have? It costs 50% more to get new customers than to keep one. Learn from what others are doing like Famous Footwear, especially during the holiday season since everyone is hustling around in stores. Offer a discount on their next order, give them a referral card so that they can refer their friends and they both get a gift or discount. Just don’t forget an expiration date! Think creatively and you’ll gain something money can’t buy, loyalty.


“Outthink the Competition Rather Than Outspend Them”

Author: Leslie Wolff, CEO of Smart Marketing Group, speaks from experience as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing executive plus advisor and coach. Les has “walked the walk and talked the talk.” The knowledge that he imparts with passion has been learned in the toughest of schools, “Real Life!”, in the trenches, on top of the mountain and everywhere in between.

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Cross Promotion – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move of the week goes to TWO companies, Doritos and Pepsi.

They have joined forces in radio commercials while both introducing a new sub-product. Pepsi now has Pepsi Max – Cease Fire, and Doritos now has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burn flavors. The commercial went something along the lines of a male calling into 911 because the Doritos he just ate were so hot, so 911 instructed the gentleman to use Pepsi Cease Fire, with lime, to cool him down. It got the point across and got my curiosity. Exactly what they were going for in this commercial!

They even took the cross promotion further. They’ve included each product on their packaging. Smart! Although they are both owned by the same larger company, in consumer’s minds they are separate and that’s an even better reason to marry the two.

Lesson Learned: Cross Promotion can be a powerful source that is untapped. Even a small business can take advantage of this by partnering up with another local business where you will both benefit. Start thinking of your customers, where they shop, what they do and see if any businesses are interested in starting up a cross promotion. It could be your secret weapon.

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Good Business Card Example – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Menz’s Restaurant!

They won this award because they made a smart move with their business card. It’s not the plain ol’ card with just their name, logo, and contact info. Yes, it’s on there, but they also included more information, which is great for a person just learning of their restaurant.

First off, they are located in a town outside of a vacation town in southern NJ. So, they’re off the beaten path for tourists but they get a lot of business and their card helps! Below is their business card:

How does their business card help with business? They’ve maximized their space by making it a folding card, just that move doubled their space. They’ve even used the back, which is space that is usually wasted on most cards. All of which influences customers.

They have also included what they specialize in. Unlike the business card dumb marketing move, to view it click here, they have told everyone that they are a restaurant and bar but have also included that they serve seafood, steaks, and poultry. Now you know what type of restaurant it is and that there is something for everyone!

Finally, which I have rarely seen, they included a map and directions! What a genius idea, not all vacationers have internet to look up directions when their on vacation. Since they are offshore from vacation homes and hotels, they have included 5 of the closest tourist towns. Overall, I think Menz Restaurant and Bar made all the right moves with their business card. Take notes! Here’s a Bad Business Card Design.

Lesson Learned: Maximize the space on your business card to tell others about your company. It doesn’t have to be a folded card, but don’t forget about the back of your business card. Also, tell people who you are, what you do, and how your business can help them.

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Limited Editions Enhance Business – Smart Marketing Move

Who thought that the Postal Service was good at marketing?


I’m sure most haven’t even thought of it but I’m sure we all know someone, or heard of someone collecting stamps! The first stamp was from England with a young Queen Victoria. It wasn’t until the 30’s, in the US, when older stamps that were shaped as a triangle became rare and people thought that they were to become valuable since very few were not used and/or torn.

The smart marketing move wasn’t just the value that these little stamps promised, it was the limited editions! Although this might have been on purpose, the Postal Service created collectible limited edition prints, almost as artists do today. This made the stamps worthy of holding onto and not using. Brilliant!

While still making ordinary stamps, they continued to make stamps with all sorts of designs, like the Simpsons stamps that are out right now. Basically, someone is paying for a service and not using it. Although, as a business you want people to use your services they buy, this was a great idea on making something ordinary collectible.

 Lesson Learned: Ask yourself; is there something we offer already that will offer more value to my customers? Or ask can I make something we offer collectible? There is always an opportunity that is not being taken advantage of in every business.

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