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Communication Breakdowns Results in Disgruntled Consumers – Dumb Marketing Moves

This week’s Dumb Marketing Move goes to: University Crossings.

As a college student I wanted ease of access, so when I signed up for my apartment I had to opted for an automatic monthly payment. I figured that it would be easier than having to remember to go to the office every month and bring a check, but in the end it was not.

There were no problems up until May, when the automated service was changed, without any notification for the residents. I was sent a letter in mid-May stating that I was being evicted and had ten days to vacant the apartment. I was shocked, to say the least.

I called the office and told them that is was a mistake because I paid my rent. I was informed that they had not received my May rent therefore the eviction letter was sent. I checked my bank account and saw that, in fact, that was true. What I wasn’t told by the main office was that they changed their system and no longer took automated payments.

This frustrated and annoyed me because as a company that should be in communication with its leasers, did not email, call or in any other way inform the residents of the pending changes. It resulted in a lot of chaos that could have been easily avoided and the loss of many residents.

Lesson Learned: An ill-informed customer is not a happy customer. Make sure your company is user friendly. If you’re changing something major that affects your customers, have a plan to inform your customers. Make sure your employees are able to help your customers if they have questions and put it in writing. Send a letter to each customer, as well as a reminder email or letter.


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