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Picking a URL – Dumb Marketing Move

What does your URL say about you??

Well, today’s DUMB Marketing Award goes to whorepresents.com for their URL!

They may have had something in mind when they obtained this URL, but what does it spell out? As a simple web-surfer I see WHORE Presents. Just imagine, they’re getting a lot of traffic to their site that isn’t relevant because they aren’t in the whore business but some might think they are with that URL. They might even be losing money from their pay-per-click ads from people misreading their website.

It actually spells out WHO Represents. Here’s their logo.

Well. it makes a little bit of sense once you see the logo. At least they were smart enough to capitalize the R. Overall, I think this is a dumb URL and yes, URL’s are part of your marketing mix.

Lesson Learned: Pay attention to how things might be misread in print, internet and everything in between. Your URL is like naming your kid, you don’t want them to be teased, and you definitely don’t want your URL to make the DUMB Marketing Move list.

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