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Top Tips for Small Businesses – From Radio Interview with Leanne Hogland-Smith

Leanne Hogland-Smith – Chicago 219-759-5601, entrepreneur small business for 15 years, uniting people and their talents with operations through management, increase-sales-coach.com

Consistent challenge in businesses today is a lack of processes and procedures. A lot of this comes about because there is no strategic plan, there are no goals written so what happens is that everyone is hitting different targets and the individual and business goals are missed.

A lot of communication is just refocusing the way they state things, getting rid of the words like need and should and start using “may I suggest this”. When you get rid of the emotionally judgmental words, it’s amazing at the reactions you get.

An employer now, if they have not hired smart, they end up with maybe one good employee for every four employees. Employers need to have consistent performance reviews. Employees then feel like they are part of the company’s success.

Top Tips for Small Businesses

  • Communication is consistent and everyone knows where the organization is going and what their goals are. Is everyone sharing the same goals? It is critical to have your goals communicated consistently throughout your company.
  • Values – What are your non-negotiable behaviors that you will demonstrate with your employees, vendors, strategic partners?
  • Find out what your real brand is – Talk to your customers, not a marketing company. The expectactions held by customers, it is a really definitive way to identify your brand. Ask them, “When you hear my name what expectations come to mind?” You will get a really good idea of your brand, but you also gain a competitive edge. When you have down-time, that is up-time to talk to your customers.
  • Marketing is about attracting attention and build relationships – Write copy and test it out. See if it gets some sort of emotional attention for your business.

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Responsibility Campaign Gains Ground – Smart Marketing Move

This week’s Smart Marketing Move goes to Liberty Mutual.

In an ever increasing environment of disrespect, lack of civility, and self-centered attitudes it is not only refreshing to see the Liberty Mutual Insurance’s campaign built around responsibility, but highly motivating.

Responsibility is not easily defined, but Liberty Mutual expressed it very well visually in an impressive manner in their commercials. They then followed it up through efforts throughout their company even down to the grass roots where the idea touched a nerve in thousands as seen by the response the company received, unsolicited, from the public. They continue to encourage positive action by all of us. Their management not only deserves kudos, they get our: “Smart Marketing Move” Award because they proved how being smart and caring pays off.

Here’s one commercial for Liberty Mutual:

Lesson Learned: Your core values as a company and a person can be reflected in your marketing. It can span from TV, radio, print, and grassroots marketing. This can turn into word of mouth marketing which is one of the most powerful sources for any company. But be careful, make sure everyone in your company is on the same page, an employee’s bad attitude will make your campaign feel dishonest to customers and bad word of mouth is even worse.

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